Doctors of Joy’s Flagship Initiative – Besteirologistas Clowns Program

Besteirologistas Clowns Program pic

Besteirologistas Clowns Program

A skilled commercial law and business professional in Brazil, Claucio Mashimo has over 15 years of experience in overseeing legal affairs for the cosmetics, film, and real estate industries. Claucio Mashimo also supports organizations such as Doctors of Joy in his spare time and made donations to the nonprofit in 2010. Doctors of Joy’s flagship initiative is the Besteirologistas Clowns Program.

The Besteirologistas Clowns Program brings joy to more than 1 million hospitalized children through visits from professional performance artists. Approximately 40 specially trained performance artists participate in the program by engaging children in play with the assistance of families and health professionals. Serving public hospitals throughout San Paulo, the program operates free of charge and takes place twice a week for six hours.

Doctors of Joy established the program in 1991 with the intention of establishing participating clown-doctors as members of a professional staff as opposed to visitors. NGO Doctors of Joy founder Wellington Nogueira introduced the concept and convinced hospital boards of the group’s implementation as a permanent task.

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