What Does Contract Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions Entail?

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Contract Due Diligence
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Corporate lawyer Claucio Mashimo possesses years of experience in consumer, contract, and mergers and acquisitions law. Previously the legal and government affairs manager at Fujifilm Do Brasil Ltda, Claucio Mashimo was in charge of legal due diligence during acquisitions.

Contract due diligence is one of the essential tasks performed during mergers and acquisitions. During due diligence, an investigative process is conducted by the purchaser’s legal team. The purchaser’s team evaluates the contracts of the target company so as to know the risks, if any, it will face on acquiring them.

In practice, contract due diligence is aimed at uncovering three types of risks. First, the purchaser’s team looks to identify legal risks such as change of control provisions that affect the consummation of the transaction. In addition, they attempt to ascertain transaction risks such as contracts that necessitate notice to be given to the other contracting party before they are transferred. Finally, they determine existence of business risks such as non-compete restrictions that may restrict the acquirer or reduce the value of the target company.


PhotoImage Brazil – Latin America’s Largest Imaging Fair in Technology

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PhotoImage Brazil
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A commercial law and business professional in Brazil with over 15 years of combined experience, Claucio Mashimo formerly served as the legal and regulatory affairs manager for Jequiti Cosmetics. Claucio Mashimo’s history also includes involvement in the photography industry and he previously held a position with the Brazilian Association of Photographic Material and Imaging. He also participated in the international image fair PhotoImage Brazil during his time with the association.

PhotoImage Brazil serves as one of the most influential trade fairs in Brazil and is among the photography and image industry’s largest expositions in Latin America for technology and innovation. It connects photographers and image professionals with the latest products and market trends while providing them access to the best in quality digital equipment, products, and services. Furthermore, the fair unites national and international manufacturers through its expansive exhibiting hall.

For its upcoming 2017 show, PhotoImage Brazil will offer resources and products in a multitude of fair sectors, such as cameras, photographic studies, digital photography, and image and connectivity. Visit http://www.photoimagebrasil.com.br for more information on the upcoming 2017 fair and its most recent show in 2016.

Doctors of Joy Celebrates 25th Anniversary through Fundraising Gala

Claucio Mashimo previously handled judicial deposits and structured appeals on behalf of the Brazilian company Jequiti Cosmetics as its legal and regulatory affairs manager. Beyond his professional responsibilities and involvement in the legal scene of the business industry, Claucio Mashimo donates to Doctors of Joy, a civil nonprofit organization that entertains hospitalized children through visits from professional clowns. The organization will host its 25th Doctors of Joy Gala in September 2016.

Created to celebrate the organization’s history and raise funds for continued service to the community, the gala allows the Doctors of Joy to engage societal philanthropists and share the joy they provide to hospitalized children. The gala invites attendees to participate in a cocktail reception followed by a dinner and auction featuring pieces donated to the organization. In addition, resident performers and master of ceremony guests will provide live entertainment throughout the evening. Guest performers serving as masters of ceremony will include Marisa Orth, Sabrina Sato, Daniel Boaventura, and Fabio Porchat.

The 25th Doctors of Joy Gala is made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers and additional activities will take place in Sao Paulo, Recife, and Rio de Janeiro in order to celebrate the event. For additional information on the gala and other 25th anniversary events, visit www.doutoresdaalegria.org.br/gala-25-anos.